Bio & Approach

Born in 1970 in Pamplona, Spain, Javier Aristu is a visual artist who mainly uses photography, graphics, video, objects or texts and is especially interested in the relationships between image and word, reality and chance or meaning and nonsense. His work can be categorized into two areas, a photographic one dominated by looking and a conceptual one marked by thinking. Among his most conscious influences are Bruce Nauman, Elliott Erwitt, Piero Manzoni, Robert Frank or Hans-Peter Feldmann, while the unconscious ones are countless

Works & Purchases

Photographs and ink-on-paper works are available as giclée prints with Epson Ultrachrome Pro 12 ink on Hannemühle paper Photo Rag 308 gsm and Matt Fibre 200 gsm, both 100% cotton, acid-free and conforming to ISO 9706 standard, which guarantees museum quality and maximum resistance to aging

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Exhibitions & Events

Edition of 25 numbered and signed copies of the book Con título/Titled, Ediciones Enderiz, Pamplona/Barcelona, Spain, April 2024

Edition of 25 numbered and signed copies of the book Former, Ediciones Enderiz, Pamplona/Barcelona, Spain, December 2023

Collective exhibition Delicartessen 22, Esther Montoriol Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, November 2023—January 2024

Collective and traveling exhibition Proyecto Kul, San Martín de Unx and Sansol and Burgi, Navarra, Spain, July—August 2023

Edition of 50 copies of the catalogue-poster Mire, Ediciones Enderiz, Pamplona/Barcelona, Spain, June 2023

Solo exhibition Mire Oiga, Sala de Armas de la Ciudadela, Pamplona, Spain, June 2023

Publication of a selection from the Latinoamérica series, LF Magazine, Barcelona, Spain, February 2023

Collective exhibition Enfoca Pamplona 2022, Palacio del Condestable, Pamplona, Spain, December 2022—January 2023

Selection of the photograph Man waving a flag in El Sadar Stadium in the Enfoca Pamplona 2022 contest, Pamplona, Spain, December 2022

Collective exhibition Delicartessen 21, Esther Montoriol Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, November 2022—January 2023

Collective exhibition Tick of the Clock, Potassi K19 Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, October—November 2022

Selected work included in the Saatchi Art online gallery, London, UK, October 2022

Selection of the photograph Pregnant woman lining up for an event for the gallery #StreetStyle, PHotoEspaña22, Madrid, Spain, September 2022

Publication of a selection from the Con título/Titled series, LF Magazine, Barcelona, Spain, July 2022

Selection of the photograph Escolas do amanhã (from the Latinoamérica series) for the gallery #RecorridosUrbanos, PHotoEspaña22, Madrid, Spain, May 2022

Edition of 100 numbered and signed copies of the book Retrautos, Ediciones Enderiz, Barcelona, Spain, January 2020

Edition of 100 numbered and signed copies of the book Curiosidades ilustradas, Ediciones Enderiz, Barcelona, Spain, January 2019

Presentation of the book Perlas, Cromo Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, January 2018

Edition of 100 numbered and signed copies of the book Perlas, Ediciones Enderiz, Barcelona, Spain, December 2017

Collective exhibition Líbido, Eat Meat Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, December 2011—January 2012

Collective exhibition Tots Sants, Eat Meat Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, November—December 2010

Collective exhibition Many Xmas Harinezumi, Otrascosas Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, December 2009—January 2010

Collective project Barcelona 2159 Time Capsule, CosmoCaixa Center, Barcelona, Spain, October 2009

Collective event 60 Seconds Battle, CaixaForum Center, Barcelona, Spain, June 2008

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