Born in Pamplona, Javier Aristu lives and works in Barcelona. Formed as a graphic designer, in his personal work he mainly uses photography, graphics, objects and texts and is especially interested in naturality, meanings, series, chance, humor and the relationship between image and word

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Publication of the Con título series at LF Magazine, July 2022

Selection of the photo Cidade de Deus for the virtual gallery Recorridos Urbanos PHE in PHotoESPAÑA22, Madrid, May 2022

Publication of the book Retrautos, January 2020

Publication of the book Curiosidades ilustradas, January 2019

Publication of the book Perlas and presentation at Cromo Gallery, Barcelona, January 2018

Collective exhibition Líbido at Eat Meat Gallery, Barcelona,
December 2011—January 2012

Collective exhibition Tots Sants at Eat Meat Gallery, Barcelona, November—December 2010

Collective exhibition Many Xmas Harinezumi at Otrascosas Gallery, Barcelona, December 2009

Collective project Barcelona 2159 Time Capsule at CosmoCaixa Museum, Barcelona, October 2009

Collective event 60 Seconds Battle at CaixaForum Museum, Barcelona, June 2008