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1,5 x 4 m


Minor things:

Driving a motorbike
Women who use many swearwords
Give an assist to goal
Visiting a monument crammed with tourists
Curious data
Getting up early as an habit
Girls on bicycle
Reading and listening music at the same time
Watch raining in a forest
The towels that do not dry
The way how the most of the Adidas sneakers get old
Eating in a place with a bad lighting
The cool sheets
Dead hair tufts
Cotton clothing
Leaving the TV on standby all night long
Table talks
Listening songs which have been recorded at very different volume level
Cold milk
The malls
Big world maps
The cold red wine
Hot and wet weather
The sayings
Carrying things on the pocket of my shirt
Texture of liquid mercury
Jailed animals
The innocence of the antique ads and posters
Phoning to some Customer Service Number and having to talk to a machine
Wearing flipflops
Spelling mistakes
The drawings on the walls in a restroom of a bar
People who give loose handshakes
The rules
Watching TV in the morning
Breaking the rules
Sweating just immediately after having a shower
The word olé
Sparkleless Coca-Cola
Watching teaser trailers at the cinema
Receiving spam
People saying hello or goodbye when arriving or leaving a place
Having to bring so many keys in my pocket everyday
Sleeping naked
Finish the potatoes before the steak
Small notebooks
A mosquito buzzing around my ear
Have a wall on my back when I am seated in the table where I work
The sound of slot machines
Looking how a sugarcube absorbs coffee
Stuffed animals
Drinking the broth from canned asparagus
Living with pets
Writing with a thin pointed pen
Receiving cellular calls while I am eating
Discovering new versions of the songs I like
Taking a bath wearing a watch
Hand dryers
Fresh orange juice
Packed orange juice
Tan lines in women
That most of the concert's tickets have been substituted by ink-printer tickets
Finding news about Univers on the newspapers
Refreshing towels with lemon aroma
T-shirts without drawings
Wearing necklaces or rings
Lightly inside-curved legs
Alarm clocks which tic-tac sound
Big trees
Dust on books
Deeping bread into fried eggs
Pens with ink which takes long to dry
Long-sleeved white shirts rolled up over the elbow
Football balls made with white hexagons and black pentagons
The smell of coffee
Urban pigeons
Dark-haired women
Cooked fruit
Sunny but cold weather
Driving behind a truck
Singing in movies
Eating snails
Reading lamps
Rubber stamps
Wearing shorts in summer
Long and dirty nails
Ashtrays with water